The "Borosy coco"

You might not see this anywhere else in the world, but here in Madagascar we clean our floors with coconuts. 

"Borosy coco", is freely translated to coconut brush, and is the most usual way for Malagasy to clean the floors.  It is a big coconut sliced in two. 

We can use the one slice for cleaning the floor,by putting the feet on and just sweeping it,the more you push your strength on the more the floor is smooth and shining. Traditionaly,most of the Malagasy people floor is made of floorboard or ciment,that’s why the "borosy coco" is useful,we can’t use it on the tiles.

For a better use,before brushing the floor with the "borosy coco" we can put a perfumed wax all on the surface floor,wait for it an hour to dry then finalize the cleaning with the "borosy coco". The result is just amazing,the floor is so brilliant,so clean and so smooth.It is useless when the polishing surface doesn’t have brush anymore,we can use one "borosy coco" at least 6 months.

All the Malagasy people usually have a "borosy coco" at home and it’s really an indispensable tool for removing all the bad stains on the floor.So far,we still don’t know who invented this but Malagasy families just use it generation by generation.