UTOP 2016

UTOP 2016

In collaboration with Canal+,Eau Vive,TV+  and more, the UTOP (Ultra Trail des Ö PTTTlateaux de Madagascar) or the Ultra Trail of the highlands of Madagascar, the trail of a thousand smiles, will hold its eighth edition on  6.7 and 8 May 2016. After its success last year which recorded 1200 participants.

The trail is intended to make run as many people as possible, whether villagers, Malagasy runners or runners from abroad so that they can discover Madagascar.As we all know, Madagascar has a beautiful landscape so running in the hills,in the trails and mountains will be such a wonderful feeling. Like the very wild landscape of Mandraka which is almost an unique nature, sometimes we can even meet some lemurs.

It will have five trials on the program:

- The Ultra-trail: a true Ultra-Trail, climb of + 5000, which will leave the Mandraka Valley via Lake Mantasoa to join Antananarivo.

-The Semi :  with 65km and 2760m of altitude. Starting at 6 am from the hotel “Domaine de l'Ermitage”, for the best they might arrive at noon in Tana,for the walkers and the fat ones in the groups they might arrive in the evening.

-T-rail:  The Trail of 30km, 900m altitude of difference. From Carion to Ambatobe.

-The fun run: Only 10 km, but with some beautiful coastline, and an overview of the area of Tana plus the hills of Ambatobe.

-The Zaza fun trail: It is a special trail for children of lower age group ,from 8 to 11 years. Always starting from the Lycée Français de Tananarive, the race offers a real initiation to the practice of trail on a 4.5 km route with an attractive elevation (175m +).

Note that the trail is an activity which preserve the environment to the maximum, and make it  the most ecological.

The date of registration was already closed on the 1st of April.

For further information: http:www.utop.mg





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