Plague in Madagascar

Plague is still endemic to several countries around the world, including USA,  and unfortunately Madagascar is one of the countries where plague still exists. In Madagascar, we see cases of Bubonic plague almost every year, in the rain season.  The infected is usually people living in simple conditions, close on house animals that attracts rats, that spread the disease through flees. Plague in Madagascar is usually contained to a few cases every year.

This year, 2017, since August, we have seen the plague spreading more than before. And cases of Pneumonic plague is also reported and confirmed. This form of the plague spreads from human to human through spit droplets from coughing. 

Both forms of Plague has reached Antananarivo, the capital, that makes this year special.

Plague is easy to treat with antibiotics, but if left untreated, it will always have a fatal outcome.

We follow all advices from WHO and local authorities to operate our trips safe for our clients. No governments has issued travel advice against coming to Madagascar, and WHO estimates the risk for a traveler to get infected to be very low.

However, we have chosen to add extra measures until the spread is stopped.

  • All visits to markets, or other venues where many people is gathered will be removed from your program.
  • All homestays and farm visits will be removed from your program.
  • Low range hotels are upgraded to hotels with higher standard.
  • We can change the itinerary of your trip on short notice.
  • All itineraries far off the beaten track will be changed.
  • We demand to get your travel insurance information when arriving in Madagascar.


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